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the free coaching platform for young people

I'm glad you found your way to me.

You have taken the first and probably the most important step. You want to move something forward, give your life a new direction. And I am happy to be able to accompany you on your way. Because everyone needs support from time to time.


I can support you with this


I promise you: things are often simpler than they seem.


I want to support you in this respect, on the one hand to be your coach - with all the helpful coaching methods and tools. such as working in images.


Second, and more importantly, I want to be someone you can trust . With whom you feel comfortable , value-free and seen . Where you can be whatever you want. Then the rest can come naturally.

So whether, for example, with

  • professional reorientation

  • more joy & fun everyday life

  • Stress with parents/friends

  • inner properties

  • emotions

  • Ideas & plans for the future


Let's see together what's going on and where I can help. I'm looking forward to it.

That's why I'm here

Let me tell you my two main reasons.



Spending your time wanting to change something but not knowing how - or with whom - doesn't sound comfortable to anyone. There should be a way for everyone to give space to their needs and desires. Preferably in a safe environment. And:



Because I know how to feel overwhelmed with questions and emotions. That's why I first looked for external support at the age of 16 to feel free again and to let go of confusing and negative feelings. In a situation like this, it helps to have someone who understands you. I wish everyone who is looking for this feeling of "being understood" in order to then make progress. To spend more time doing things you feel like doing.


How does the coaching work now?


Step 1: 

If you want to get to know me better, please write me a short message with your request/topic and we will arrange an initial meeting via Skype, Zoom or telephone. In this conversation we will briefly introduce ourselves so that you can describe your concerns and ask me any questions you may have. So that we can find out together where I can best support you.

Step 2: 

If our introductory meeting goes well, we will arrange a joint appointment for our first coaching session. The coaching usually lasts 60 minutes and takes place online or on the phone.

Important : If you are not yet of legal age, I need your parents' declaration of consent for you to work with me. Let me know and I'll send you the form.

Step 3: 

On the agreed date we meet online in a virtual coaching room via Skype/Zoom (you will receive an invitation from me by e-mail in advance) or on the phone and we will work on your topic together. Sessions longer than one hour are possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at any time.

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