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For diverse  &

effective coaching -

  for more ease in everyday life

Satisfaction according to your ideas

For coaching at eye level.

In order to feel inner freedom and thus inner success and satisfaction, each person needs something different. And defines size and relevance of success & satisfaction differently. The joint coaching is about your individual ideas and wishes. For new perspectives and to achieve your goals - no matter how big or small. 

as it is needed

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For business

For more satisfaction & motivation for all employees


Private & all for you

To create more clarity & focus again - for your inner & outer world

where it is needed

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by phone call

Quite simply by telephone/mobile phone.

Completely without a camera and still with everything

what it takes. 

Orange Couch

on site

If no room/meeting room is available, it is possible to book an external room. 

Vlog-Editor bei der Arbeit

video chat

For an uncomplicated exchange via Zoom, Teams or Skype. A link follows

before the call.

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In companies

For coaching of employees personally and directly in your company.

I accompany you actively


Full attention to you and your concerns is the top priority in our cooperation. In addition to building a sense of acceptance and understanding, it is important to me to develop an honest sense of what your concern is about.

So that we can then see together how I can best support them - not just theoretically, but practically.



Your individual concerns are the focus of coaching. In addition to a solution-oriented development of your topics, it is about expanding your awareness of what you really want. To create a better feeling for the now - and maybe also for yourself. To make you feel good and act from your natural state - intuitive, safe and free.

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