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Coaching all for you 

We often associate perceived failure with personal failure, when the causes are more due to factors such as stress. This is not only a pity, but often unnecessary. Because it drains our energy and challenges our ability.  

When we are clear about what is and what may be, we come into our natural creativity and ability to act. From there we feel our lightness almost automatically.

Systemic coaching also includes your environment. We are all part of different systems (work, family, friends,...), which is why our thoughts and actions affect the behavior of the people around us - and vice versa.  

Let's take a closer look to eliminate doubts, strengthen your potential and work out new options for action.


Where I accompany you

Authenticity I You feel like you are wearing a mask and wish to understand yourself & be more yourself

Courage I Sometimes you find it difficult to approach others or to come out of your shell and long for a little more freedom

Trust I You know that there are more pleasant states and sometimes you don’t know how to achieve them

Connectedness I You feel isolated from time to time and want to build more depth - for yourself and with others

Mountains and sun

What our coaching is not

Psychotherapy I My support can be a support to therapy, but not a substitute

Hand over responsibility I I help you to recognize your own steps instead of giving you a solution

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