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Hi, I'm Natasha

I look forward to supporting and accompanying you as a coach.

Let me tell you briefly about my motivation for working as a coach.


Basically, as humans, we are individual in our strengths and what we need to feel good about ourselves. Often we are not used to using our own resources to push ourselves.


The question about how to better integrate our own desires and needs into our daily lives is mostly a question of how to to so. And this is exactly what I want to support as a coach to make change (more) possible.


Less out of "you just have to want it" I rather want to encourage you to recognize your own choice and to take changes into your own hands. 


As long as you have the need to change something for yourself, you should have the possibility to live it out and implement it. 


I do what I do with passion and really like it.


For coaching with new perspectives for more ease and motivation.

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For coaching as you need it 



  • Systemic Coaching (Coaching Academy HH)

  • Member of the "Mental Health Champions" program for internal support and coaching at IPG Mediabrands

  • (continuous) training courses on mental health

  • Seminars in the field of body and energy work

  • 1 year solo backpacking

  • communications consultant

  • 12+ years of professional experience in direct customer service (sales, aftersales marketing, gastronomy, events, promotion)

  • Trained at BMW

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